Clogged Sewer repair in Bellingham            

Sewer lines are responsible for taking waste water to the septic tank which then carries it to the water treatment center.

All the pipes, plumbing fixtures and drains are connected to your main sewer line, which is the most important of all.

Sewer lines can take beating due to various issues, including improper use of the pipes and drains. It eventually leads to clogged sewer lines and some time they even collapse.

You will need a professional plumbing company to fix the sewer lines for you, which is undoubtedly a hard task. Our plumbers can take care of it in no time.

Knowing a little about your sewer lines can help you save yourself from spending hundreds of dollars every now and then. We have got it covered for you, here are few main causes of clogged sewer lines.

Common causes of sewer lines Clogging

The sewage cannot properly drain if the pipes or lines are damaged, it can lead to frequent and immediate backups.

Improper use of the drainage system in your house is one of the most common reasons leading to clogged sewer lines.

People often drain almost everything, especially when it comes to toilet flushing. Make sure that you don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet papers and human waste.

Treating it like a dustbin can cost you hundreds and sometimes even the damage is so big that the whole sewer system needs to be replaced.

Another common reason is that people pour grease down the drain. It leads to the worst kind of clogging in the pipes. 

When it dries out and sticks with your pipes it can stick your pipes, resulting in clogged sewer lines.

When to hire us?

To save yourself from such hectic problems, the most important thing is to hire a professional plumbing company to do regular maintained and repair inspections.

But it can be hard for homeowners to detect the clogged sewer lines in early stages. If they go unnoticed in very early stages, it can lead to severe damage to your entire plumbing system.

We use infrared lights and modern diagnostic video cameras to get the exact clogged spot and clear it for you. So, call us if water in your sinks backs up or you have foul odors in your basement.